Investment Entities structuring, set-up and management

We are experts in structuring investment entities tailored to your specific needs. You will have the structuring discussions with our CEO and he will manage your project till implementation, providing the necessary ongoing support as necessary. We will also fill all the necessary regulatory and governance roles needed by your business.

After understanding your aims and objectives, we will arrive at the possible solutions together enabling you to take an informed decision. We adopt a professional, flexible, efficient, and proactive approach on both set-up and eventual day-to-day activities.

We offer a turn-key solution by:

  • preparing the constitutional documents, regulatory application, offering documents and assisting to put the necessary agreements and policies in place
  • providing all the necessary substance for you to become operational, including:
    • directors
    • investment managers / committee members
    • compliance officer
    • money laundering reporting officer
    • registered address
  • arranging for you the:
    • administrator
    • auditor
    • bank
    • custodian/depository (where needed)
    • broker (if needed and depending on your investments)
  • representing you with the Malta FSA, Malta Business Registry and the Tax authorities.

We will support you with your operation by:

  • acting as your point of contact with:
    • regulators
    • all service providers
  • filling the regulatory requirements allowing you to focus on your main activity
  • assisting with any recruitment requirements.

Once we understand your needs, we will propose one or more solutions which could entail:

  • Using our existing Funds Platform which will be quicker and easier
  • Set-up of a dedicated SICAV which could take the form of:
    • UCITS
    • AIF
    • PIF
    • Securitisation
    • Limited Liability Company

Malta is a good jurisdiction for a number of business activities and can also provide other international solutions depending on the business.