Successfully pitching to Institutional Investors requires preparation, excellent presenter's skills and an interesting opportunity.   The below are some hints to maximise your success in presenting to investors:



  1. strategy is unique or better than competition and it is clearly articulated
  2. presented documents include a 1-page teaser and a 10–20 pages presentation if you see interest
  3. does not over promise and is kept realistic
  4. is backed by the right management people.


  1. have knowledge of the business opportunity being presented and any competition
  2. communicate well and are responsive to follow-ups with value adding answers
  3. allow investors to ask all necessary questions
  4. are able to take difficult questions
  5. are not desperate to conclude a deal
  6. know the right time to ask for an NDA and eventually exchange due diligence
  7. have a professional attitude, ideally backed by a similar website with team's background.

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