We assist clients to develop their business accompanying them throughout the entire life cycle of their development programme including strategy, target search, due diligence and international corporate structuring.
Our methodology is a combination of desk research, discussions, on-site visits and application of our know-how and solutions.
Working closely also with our extensive network of partners we assist clients to buy, sell and/or merge. We proud ourselves in creating value in the proposition chain by offering the service of:

  • Scouting target companies and potential buyers/investors
  • Business and legal due diligence
  • Market research and development
  • Business valuations and projections
  • Corporate and tax structuring

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    Selling business
    There are various reasons why business owners choose to sell their businesses, such as, retirement, unable to cope with changes, internal problems with other shareholders. If you are considering a business sale, you may need assistance in determining the best time to sell and obtain the best possible price when market demand is high. Having a sellable business requires lot of planning and you would need to:

    • Provide a reasonable value of your business
    • Organise and update your financials
    • Prepare a 1-page pitch deck and a 10-15 pages more detailed presentation, including verifiable financials and reliable business and financial projections
    • Involve the right professionals to help you organise yourself, arrive at a valuation and connect with buyers.

    We will work with you to arrive at this stage, thus increasing your chance to find a motivated buyer.

    Buying business

    As business opportunities are seemingly around every corner, many buyers have difficult time finding the right one. There are a lot of details and nuances in every aspect of researching and purchasing a business and there is a lot you can do on your own to prepare in order to make the best decision about acquiring your new business. A professional can be very helpful in the overall process, particularly when the business to be acquired is a licensed one.

    For some, due diligence may be the least understood part of the business acquisition process. When looking for a new business to buy, you should understand who the owners are and how business is currently being conducted. Some buyers simply go with their gut feeling, and this leaves many buyers unprepared to face the real challenges that they may encounter in the early stages of operating a business.

    As the due diligence is performed, you engage in an investigative process by which both the buyer and seller should request information about the other to assess the viability of the target company. This enables the buyer to make an informed and rational decision about the acquisition. The most important aspects to consider during the due diligence process are the financial books and legal documents of the target company. One would need to be able to follow the flow of funds to see the income, cash flow, overheads and expenses of the business as it currently operates. Many people are not familiar with the process to properly assess a company’s financial records and potential and we are here to simplify this process.

    Apart from a 100% direct buy, there are other options available, including acquiring a minority or majority shareholding, retaining part or the whole management team and staff, entering into a franchise, and others.

    We will work with you to identify the right course of action and business.

    Blind Leads

    The below is a short list of opportunities. We would be happy to discuss with you further, including on other opportunities we have:

    RefActionSectorTypeLocationCurr.PriceBrief Explanation
    7Sell - EquityBankingFull BankDominicaUSD4,000,000Bank has an offshore banking license, is a fully functional digital platform with customer on-boarding and core banking functionality. It is flexible to handle Retail, Corporate & Investment business. It was kept without operations/clients and thus the due diligence by Buyer will be quick and simple.

    Products & Services include:
    • Acceptance of deposits and other repayable funds
    • Lending
    • Investing & trading services
    • Financial Leasing
    • Multi-currency IBAN issuance and money transmission
    • Issuing & administering credit cards, travellers’ cheques & e-money
    • Guarantees and commitments
    • The keeping and administration of securities
    • Credit reference services
    • Safe custody of valuables
    • Electronic banking
    • Global payment and collection services
    • Global payment account management
    • Crypto services
    • Card issuing
    • Trust services.
    12aSell - Equity or DebtReal EstateHotelPortugal (Coimbra)EUR10,000,000• Luxury SPA resort with 2 hotels, one with 101 rooms, with restaurants and conference rooms and one to rehabilitate. SPA with 134,000 square meters of gardens with a lake (that can be converted in a natural swimming pool), located 17 kms from Aveiro in one famous culinary area of Portugal.
    • Government grants are available.

    Requirement is for (1) Debt financing of Eur16.8 million based on current works completion estimates, or (2) Equity financing for Eur10 million to acquire project as is and then Buyer will progress with the conversion. Property can be bought with or without management.
    12bSell - Equity or DebtReal EstateHotelPortugal (Coimbra)EUR4,500,000• Acquisition of a luxury 4 star boutique hotel, with 23 rooms, with restaurant and conference rooms in the historic and touristic centre of Coimbra.
    • Government grants are available

    Requirement is for debt financing for full amount however full or part equity can also be discussed.
    12cSell - Equity or DebtReal EstateHotelPortugal (Coimbra)EUR9,000,000• Acquisition of a luxury 4 star boutique hotel, with 23 rooms, with restaurant and conference rooms in the historic and touristic centre of Coimbra.
    • Government grants are available.

    Requirement is for debt financing for full amount however full or part equity can also be discussed.
    14Sell - Debt (part Equity can be discussed)Real EstateResidentialPortugal (Porto)EUR19,000,000• Project involves small-scale green real estate development in which the sale is already assured and concludable in few weeks
    • By minimising the sales cycle, risk is well managed
    • Real estate investment:
    - Between 15 to 40 units (flats)
    - In high population density areas
    - 1 to 2 bedroom apartments
    - aimed to the medium segment which has a broader market of customers
    • Project started already, and will do more with additional investment for which the investments are already identified

    Requirement is for bridge financing for full amount enabling handling of more projects. Equity or part equity can be discussed.