Axion Business Verticals

Axion is an international team of dynamic professionals with vast experience in investment management, banking, finance and corporate structuring. We focus on business servicing HNWIs, professional and institutional clients world-wide. This is done through 2 EU licensed entities, supported also by a network of other international trusted partners.

For Investment Funds and other regulated business, we structure stand-alone solutions, with the possibility of using Axion International Funds SICAV plc's platform aimed for the smaller funds which might not otherwise be able to set-up their own structure. We consider ourselves partners and business enhancers rather than service providers since, in addition of having the necessary set-up to act as a service provider, we go the extra mile in helping you having the right structure, assisting on its governance and any necessary management.

We have continuous flow of good M&A, other type of business opportunities and projects, meeting business owners, promoters and interested investors on a face-to-face basis. This is done in conjunction with our network of business partners and complementary solutions providers present in different jurisdictions. We are not just brokers, but add value through business consultancy, financial and fiscal structuring and by selectively also assisting on financing through our network of solution providers.

Corporate business is handled by Fiduscorp Limited through which we set-up, manage, provide accounting & tax services, act as directors & company secretary, provide a registered office, assist in staff relocations and other. Apart from the business side, we also offer a VIP service to business owners, this including citizenship and residence services through Malta, Portugal and other jurisdictions.


Axion and related businesses and legal entities were founded by Mario Buttigieg, now supported by a core team of business professionals and other partners.

Mario Buttigieg

Adrian Mallia

Christophe Schwoertzig

Joao de Almeida

Gianluca Ferrara

Renzo Farrugia

What makes us different


  • Solution partners who started as clients

    Trust is earned and kept through optimal quality levels at all times. We pride ourselves of having succeeded on this by having solution partners who originally started as clients.

  • Starting & continuing with same senior person

    Our clients appreciate the boutique style approach for clients to start and continue with the same senior person not like with large firms in which clients start with the directors and end up finalising with juniors. We keep the delegation process internally and clients are always faced by the most senior team member.

  • 200+ years’ expertise & experience in different sectors

    Our core team has over 200 years of expertise and experience in different sectors. This helps us understand your requirements quickly and then progress on the solutions with the same speed. You will notice this.

Our Partners

Meet Our Network

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